Thursday, September 20, 2007


"Dumpster Divebombing Lessons" has apparently received a bit of press.

smooth assailing

and the ever-talented Sam Macklin of Connect_icut even had some nice words for it!


I'm hoping to get another release or two out this year...keep your ears open!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cassette Anyone?

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I have unfortunately more or less ran out of copies already but hit up psychform records
and they should be able to fix you up with a copy, act fast though....there are only a total of 50 copies out there. The release contains a total of 3 tracks, the first side being a piece recorded early this year and the other two being recorded sometime in the Summer of last year...if you want a cd-r of it I will undoubtedly send one your way.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lest you think I forgot...

I have to say, I am really horrible about maintaining this. I update the LJ a lot more, but thats private so unless you have an account you don't know whats going on there....

So lets see, what's new in the wonderful world of Charlie....

I spent about a week in Denver, CO awhile back. While there I 1)Saw Skinny Puppy Live 2)Did massive amounts of record shopping and got some pretty cool shit 3)Saw Z'ev and Boyd Rice, share a stage!

I had a good time and really, 10 days gone from this town total isn't nearly enough, I already feel as though I need a vacation. My life's been a bit crazy lately. I've been juggling around several music projects, suffering from allergies, getting sick (probably mostly due to allergies) and severely slacking on music reviews. Speaking of those, there are two coming your way soon, one of which is almost done and HOPEFULLY no one wants to kill me over the unforgiveable amount of time it took me to get this done...

On the subject of new music I direct you here.

I have a track a very limited cd-r compilation (50 copies I beleive?). My copies are all accounted for but if you still should want one go here and place an order.

I'm working on a lot of music but we'll see what actually comes out this year as I don't necessarily think everything Im doing is good enough to be released right now...

Saturday, April 07, 2007


The upcoming Esperik Glare 7"

Front Cover
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Back Cover
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Monday, February 05, 2007

lest you think I forgot...

I haven't completely abandoned this blog, I just don't write in it to often it seems..

I no longer work and I don't plan on even looking for a job until after I get back from Chicago. (going 16-18)

Esperik Glare Release Schedule for 2007 looks somewhat like this:

-Cassette on Psychform Records (not sure when that'll be out I have to get it done first)
-Collaboration CD with Xambuca
(basically done not sure how many we're going to press)
-7" Vinyl on Klanggalerie
(Limited to 200, should be out this Summer, two tracks for the planned but not seen the light of day, first Esperik Glare Album)
-Hopefully a full length Esperik Glare album of some sorts (even if it's not on a label!)

Also a live show or two might happen...

I leave you with my dear Antony and Little Annie, doing music for a Levi's ad....


Monday, December 04, 2006

(In no particular order...)

Scott Walker-The Drift
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I had always heard various odds and ends by Mr. Walker and thought he had an interesting voice as well as being an interesting person. Several people I know have raved about this album and when I was out of town with a friend I saw it in a CD store and picked it up. IT was interesting to listen to in the car ride back with his rap-esque car stereo the kick on "Cossacks Are" was literally shaking the car....

But about the actual music, I totally love this album and Im really not totally sure why. The use of Bizarre Sounds etc. is something I can surely appriciate. Also Scott's voice is so marvelously different and just totally fits every word he sings. He takes a lot of time on his albums lately and it really, really shows. Every song is fabulous but I think "Cossacks Are" is still my favorite.

Current 93-Black Ships Ate The Sky
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A lot of people have mentioned this as a return to the sound of albums like "All The Pretty Little Horses" which isn't wrong, but black ships still is wonderful and fresh. Black Ships is a lot less stripped down than the last two current 93 albums (soft black stars being simple piano and voice while sleep has his house revolved around harmonium and voice) this probably has something to do with the massive amount of collaborators giving there addition to David's apocalyptic visions. I was orignally put off by the fact that there are several versions of the Hymn "Idumea" but they're all very different and have different vocalists so they all seem to stand pretty well. I was also pleased to hear some very nice sound manipulation half-way through "Black Ships Were sinking into Idumea" (Coming from the wonderful Steven Stapleton I'm sure) It's not my all time favorite Current 93 album but its very good and shows that that David still has a bit of madness to shine.

Whitehouse-Asceticists 2006
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Well everyone that talks about whitehouse says how "extreme" they are and how they "push the envelope". Also everytime an album comes out the "controversy" is brought up. Regardless of all that crap..Whitehouse is fucking amazing! A lot of people say how they've been doing the same thing for 20 years etc. and Asceticists just goes to show the opposite. Is it noisey? Ranting vocals about sex,violence,rape etc.? sure, but the sound has evolved to a new level, hell theres even some BEAT here and there. Although I feel Birdseed was slightly stronger (except for the Peter Sotos contribution which is something I can really only listen to once) Asceticists comes in very close and really isn't a bad starting point if your new to Whitehouse. I've heard there's a new album lined up for next year and I can truthfully say that Im excited!

M.S. Waldron, Steven Stapleton, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Jim Haynes, and R.K. Faulhaber-The Sleeping Moustache
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When I got this cd the only names that I were famillar with were Waldron and Stapleton. Since buying this I have looked further into the other three and become a fan of their work as well (though I havent been able to track down much of Sigmarsson's work yet) This album is nothing short of brilliant, several long time nurse fans have told me it reminds them a lot of some of the early stuff which makes me think its time to track down some of those hard to find cds (that they need to REISSUE) Beautiful Drones, strange audio manipulations..everything you've come to expect from Stapleton and it's all done so fabulously.

(after this I got too lazy to post pictures)

The Wardrobe-A Sandwich Short

Tony Wakeford (of Sol Invictus) teams up again with the wonderful Andrew Liles for another great cd. This ones even more far out than the last one. It goes from wierd to wierder in the best way possible and kept me interested the whole time. "Lucifer Before Sunrise" is a re-working of the Stapleton/Wakeford track of the same name and the vocals are narrated by the daughters of one Colin Potter.

Coil-The Remote Viewer (Threshold House 2 disc reissue)

I grabbed both the remote viewer and black antlers when they were reissued. Though I like both I really, really like the remote viewer and find myself spacing out to it all the time. Sure you can't listen to experimental music all the time, but when you do it might as well be something this good. Also, its nice to have more than just mp3s of this since before it was only availible as a cd-r

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Goes On...

I have been thuroughly neglecting this blog as of late, so lets see, what news is there to post?

Not a whole lot really, just work, work work for me but they had their "Grand Opening" today which will hopefully slow stuff down a bit! (yeah right?) Looks like I'll be moving over to stock grocery and supposedly they're trying to get enough help so they can cut back on our overtime here soon.

I'm hoarding what money I can and hope to be traveling a lot next year, maybe even make a few live shows happen, be very, very afraid!

I ordered my first synth today, a microkorg. Yes they arent as amazing as some but I am a poor bastard and I cant justify spending anymore money on an instrument when I can't afford a car.

Anyways I'm still alive if you were wondering ;)